Team Husky Horizon - Working Siberian Huskies 


Team Husky Horizon

Our kennel is located on a small farm in East Sealand, Denmark. Here we have plenty of space for our Siberian sleddogs, with a great playground and large dogyards, inside and outside. We also have made our own trails, where we can train our sleddogs in front of the 4-wheeler. This makes it so much easier to give the dogs the right training and conditioning. The dogs benefits from these great conditions.

Team Husky Horizon is a kennel with 100% focus on the working Siberian Husky. The Siberian Sleddog. Living, training and breeding are all about getting healthier, better, faster and more endurant Siberian sleddogs.
Sleddogs that enjoy working in front of a sled and a rig and have a physical and mental health that is constantly developed towards excellence. In being a working sleddog.

We only breed few litters. When we make a litter, it's because we really believe that we add some important qualities to our pack. 

How we meassure if we are on the "right track"? Every year, we are training our Siberians and every training is logged. We follow our dogs everyday for several hours, learning a lot about their qualities, and of course their potentials.
looking at our traininglog after every season, we set up new goals. Goals for endurance, speed, cooperating with the dogs, stability in commands, etc.

We have been doing some rig races in Denmark. If we are going to use race results in developement of our Siberians, we have to participate in races that offers the distance and the conditions that will give us the right impressions, according to our goals. February 2016, we participated in exactly such a race. The International Scandinavian Stage Race. 15 teams signed up for the race. 11 teams entered. 7 teams made it to the finishline. We was placed 5th. In front us was three very fast Hounds Team (Hound is a very fast crossbreed that we cannot measure the Siberian Husky with) and one very experienced (more than 40 years with Siberians) Siberian Husky Team, from whoom we have most of our lines from. We definitely are on the right track here.
Eventhoug, races will never be the only important focus in developing our pack. The everyday training year around, and the discoveries we do on our trips to Sweden, logging all our experiences, will be at least as important in bringing us further up the road in developing our pack. Because that is where we spend most of the hours, to analyse the efforts the dogs and we are doing together.

With all the abovementioned in mind, the most important for us and our dogs, are all the fantastic experiences we have together, as a sleddog family. The beatiful trails in wintertime, on a fantastic tour with our dogs. That beats everything else.